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Company for Dogs are so much more than a Local Windsor Dog Walking Service

Company for Dogs understand the residents of the local Windsor, Newmarket and Herston area are quite discerning when it comes to the love and care for their dog. We understand you are not just wanting to hire an average dog walker for the times you wish you could, but just can’t spend that time with your precious baby as a result of other commitments. Company for Dogs have been servicing the local area for many years and we offer so much more than just a dog walking service. 

Company for Dogs have a team of dog lovers who will not just take your dog out but will give them the care and love and attention they deserve when you cannot be there to do that for them. Our local puppy and dog playgroup services offer such a diverse variety of care and attention for your little one that we have been recommended by people near you over and over when it comes to supporting and caring for their dog.

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Or you may wish to see what some of our other local dog lovers have to say about our services in the area near you by checking out our testimonials page. All of our customers know we aren’t just your average dog walker, we are your local dog lover!!