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Brisbane Dog Walker

Why will your dog love company for dogs?

The team at Company for dogs know that what the Brisbane market has been missing is a fully loving, caring and dedicated team of dog lovers who will not just walk the local dogs, but who will give them that 1 on 1 care and attention they need when you can’t be there for them. We know you love your dog, and we know how much you miss them when you can’t be there to spend that extra bit of special time with them. We also know how much they love and miss you when you are not around. This is were our specially trained team of dog lovers and dog handlers come in. 

Our professional and sweet dog loving staff at company for dogs are hand picked based on not just their skill with dogs, but their love for, attention to, and special bond they have with all dogs.

Don’t just call a dog walker to spend that time your special friends deserves, call a special dog lover who can make sure your beloved member of the family is handled with the upmost of care and given the time they deserve.

The Company for Dogs playgroup sessions held all around Brisbane are a different kind of session to your average doggy daycare. Our specially designed and managed dog playgroup sessions are meant to not only give your dog the stimulation and exercise they need, but they are specially created to treat each puppy as an individual and to give them the nurturing attention they deserve. 

The management and staff at company for dogs have a special place in their hear for all dogs and understand that each dog is different. From the moment of pick up to the second your puppy is delivered safely back into your loving arms, they will be treated as though they are the most important dog in the world. 

Our staff are trained to not only manage dogs, but to love them and give them the individual requirements they need in all environments.

So give company for dogs a call today and discuss how your special friend or friends can be swept away for some fun and happiness mixing with their friends whilst you take care of what you need to do.

Brisbane Dog Sitting Service - Coming Soon

The management and staff at Company for dogs have been asked by many of our Brisbane customers if we offer a full dog sitting service. Whilst most of our staff are not only trained and qualified to offer this service, they are extremely busy right now handling the dog playgroups and 1 on one sessions with our beloved Brisbane dog family. But don’t worry, we are currently in the process of recruiting more trained and loving doggy handlers who will shortly be able to take care of overnight and other dog sitting requirements for our Brisbane dog families.

Brisbane Dog Training Service - Coming Soon

The Director and founder at Company for Dogs (Sharon) is a well renowned and respected dog trainer and lover in Brisbane. She has not only many years of experience when it comes to the training of dogs and puppies, but some of her customers have been recommending her to all of their family and friends due to her amazing connection with their dogs. Sharon has the ability to not only connect with your dog, but she gets results that her dog loving families say they never would have ever expected. 

See below for some of the testimonials from local Brisbane families who Sharon has recently been able to assist when it comes to the training and care for their beloved family pet.

Kind words from our Brisbane Dog Families

Company for Dogs - Testimonial 1

My puppy scruffy suffered from major anxiety and was unable to communicate with other dogs in a social environment until Sharon from Company for Dogs started working with him. The results Sharon has been able to achieve in calming Scruffy and making it easier for met to take hime for walks and socialise with other animals has been amazing in such a short period.

Wayne – Bray Park, Brisbane

Company for Dogs - Testimonial 2

Lilly has been such a happier Dog since I trusted her in the care of Sharon and her team at company for Dogs. My Job in the CBD of Brisbane keeps me tied up for many hours a day, but I always know that when I can’t be there for Lilly, Company for Dogs have enabled her to be happy and play with other local dogs but also give her the love and attention she needs. 

Rosie – Murarrie, Brisbane

Company for Dogs Service all over Brisbane

Some of our Brisbane areas include

Please note that company for dogs do service all over Brisbane and more local area pages outlining our services near you are coming soon.