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Our Hamilton, Ascot and Clayfield Team are so much More.

Ascot, Hamitlon Dogwalkers in Brisbane

It's not just dog walking for our dogs in Ascot, Hamilton and Clayfield.

Our Dogs
Love their
Brisbane Home!

Our Brisbane based team of dog lovers understand that you don’t just live in Hamilton for the views. You live there because your beautiful best friend gets to experince all the joy that comes from the beautiful views of the Brisbane River, the amazing Brisbane inner city lifestyle and most importantly the amazing dog parks, long wide pathways to run along the Brisbane river, and those little cafe’s and restaurants close to the Brisbane CBD that allow you and your dog to enjoy a cappicino and doggy cine. 

Talk to us about our Brisbane Doggy Services!

Our team of dog lovers at company for dogs are here for you in those times when your special dog need some extra support. For those times when you need to head into work and can’t be there for them. Those times when a dog just needs that extra special love and care. 

So don’t just trust your best mate with any local Brisbane dog walker who believes that just walking your dog is enough.

Company for dogs offer a higher level of doggy love care. We offer special services that both you and your dog will feel are like a warm hug that no one else near you have been able to provide.


To check out our local Brisbane services for you puppy, click the speckail dog services link


Or if you live in other surrounding suburbs of Brisbane, why not check out the local dog services pages in your area by clicking on the buttons below. Don’t let your beloved dog feel unloved when you can’t be there for them due to circumstances beyond your control.