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Company for Dogs was established in October 2018 in Brisbane. We started by servicing Brisbane’s northside, then expanded into Brisbane’s southside in January 2019. We currently service Brisbane’s metropolitan and surrounding suburbs.

We know first-hand the challenges of being too busy, working full-time (or more), getting home when it’s dark and too late to take your furry companion out, and being too tired to really give them the attention they deserve. We also know what it's like to have a furry member of your family distressed, bored and lonely. We at company for dogs pride ourselves on not just being a regular local Brisbane dogwalker. We offer so much more and the love we offer your dog will ensure you trust us to have your puppy loved by us again and again.

We are passionate about having well-rounded, well-balanced dogs, living their best lives. We fundamentally believe that all dogs have physical, social, mental and emotional drives and needs. And we want to have avenues where dogs can have these needs met.

So at Company for Dogs, our aim is to give owners and their furry friends the best canine service possible. If there is something that your dog needs, that isn’t covered in our list of services, contact us to discuss your requirements.

SHARON – Owner, Manager and Dog Lover

Company for Dogs is the brain-child of Sharon. After being “the crazy dog lady” for almost 20 years, and being passionate about the welfare of animals, Sharon wanted to create a company that was dedicated to meeting the physical, social, mental and emotional needs of our canine companions. Coming from the Corporate world, she knows all too well the challenges with working full time, studying, travelling, trying to fit in everything, including making sure her dogs had all of their needs met. Sharon is currently completing a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia.

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