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Don't just settle for a standard doggie daycare/dog walking service when it comes to the love and care for your precious puppy when you can't be there for them. Company for Dogs understand that your dog or dogs need so much more. They need love and attention when you can't be there for them. Our services go far beyond walking when it comes to the care of your dog.

We offer services to make your dog happy and your life easier. Our services in Brisbane are well beyond the average local dog walker. They are designed to be convenient for you and provide your dog or puppy with enrichment and attention.

1 on 1 dog walkers

Dog Playgroup sessions

We pick up your dog, take to a leash free park for play, socialisation and enrichment with other dogs, then drop them home tired and happy...

1-on-1 sessions with your dog**

** Unfortunately this service is currently full and unavailable for new bookings.

Often this service is a dog walk, but could be a visit, play in the home etc. It depends on your dog(s) and what they need. If you have a more agile dog, they may need a faster, longer walk....

Local dog walkers

Who We Are

Company for Dogs

Company for Dogs was established in October 2018 in Brisbane. We started by servicing Brisbane’s northside, then expanded into Brisbane’s southside in January 2019. We currently service Brisbane’s metropolitan and surrounding suburbs.

We know first-hand the challenges of being too busy, working full-time (or more), getting home when it’s dark and too late to take your furry companion out, and being too tired to really give them the attention they deserve. We also know what it's like to have a furry member of your family distressed, bored and lonely.

We are passionate about having well-rounded, well-balanced dogs, living their best lives. We fundamentally believe that all dogs have physical, social, mental and emotional drives and needs. And we want to have avenues where dogs can have these needs met.


“ Highly recommend CFD! Our dog loves her session and just adores the team, they are fantastic!! ”

Helen W, North Brisbane

“ Thank you so much for everything, Ralph has been loving his sessions ”

Michelle B, South Brisbane

“ Thanks so much for taking care of Herbie and looking out for him; he loves you and daycare ”

Chanelle, Brisbane North

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